Yisroel Goldstein Speaking to The UN About the Noahide Laws

If you needed more proof, that there are some powerful people trying to force the Noahide Laws on humanity, here is a video where Yisroel Goldstein mentions it at the United Nations. This isn’t the first time they have brought the subject up at the United Nations. Please see the United Nations source in this article along with the other sources.

"Antisemitism is not a Jewish problem, it's a problem for the world" - Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein


Also see: The Punishments for Transgressing the 7 Noahide Laws

1 thought on “Yisroel Goldstein Speaking to The UN About the Noahide Laws”

  1. NOAHIDE LAWS WILL KILL MORE THAN 150 MILLION in much shorter period. This “law” my be in the Torah but the Rabbis interpret it from the Luciferian perspective who is the god of the rabbinic Jews.
    Yisroel Goldstein Speaking with deceitful tongue which is completely opposite to their murderous “law” they want to enforce on the peaceful people.
    My Jewish mother, as a 13y old child roamed the Europe with all her family not to hide from Hitler but from the Jews in the town she was bourn. She knew how treacherous were the Jews, ready to sold their souls to satan to get rid of their “enemies” like my mothers` family who were converted to Lutheran faith.

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