The Great Rebellion

Mike from On Point Preparedness, E511 Ministries, and Probably Alexandra all speak about a big uprising. In so many respects, they are correct. Mike is the only one of the three that I subscribe to. I’ve watched a number of the videos they’ve all shared. I noted that none of them said that this has happened before. They are talking about a communist revolution, but I am not sure if they know that. They aren’t talking about the end of the world as it is described in the Bible. Because it isn’t in the Bible, they won’t use many verses from it. I believe the Bible has types of everything (there is nothing new under the sun), but there is no proof that this is Bible prophecy.

Look up historical revolutions to understand Satan’s script for these types of occurrences. Revolutions aren’t good for anyone. They may appear nice at first because people are fed up with the elite ruling them and rebel. They ultimately always end in death and disaster.

I do enjoy Mike’s videos, even if I disagree on some things.

Edit: December 30, 2021. It seems Mike has caught on. Here is a new video he has made about this happening in history.

Here are some quotes from the old video called “Anarchy USA”

“Only insurrection can guarantee the victory of the revolution. The purpose of insurrection must be, not only the complete destruction, or removal of all local authorities and their replacement by new… but also the expulsion of the landlords and the seizure of the land.”

Vladimir Lenin

“The communists know that once the masses are in the streets, it’s not too difficult to convert an ordinary demonstration into full-scale riots. They know too that when rioting occurs, police and military forces of the government must move to restore law and order, and thus, they have the first visible signs of revolution.”

“Outbreaks— demonstrations—street fighting—units of a revolutionary army—such are the stages in the development of the popular uprising.”

Vladimir Lenin

“The communist party will educate and organize the working masses for mass strikes and mass demonstration. It is through struggles that the working masses are prepared for the final conflict for power. As these strikes grow in number and intensity, they acquire political character through the unavoidable collision and open combat with the capitalistic state. Mass action culminates in armed insurrection and civil war.”

The official constitution and program of the communist party, 1921

In 1964, a communist document taken from the Viet Cong stated, “Get the people out into the streets. Quarrels should be provoked, youth group are to be armed with knives and clubs, allegedly to protect themselves in a manufactured tension.”

“When marches and demonstrations turn into riots slated for takeover, the communists are then ready to implement the final stage of their blueprint for conquest. It takes only a handful of armed opportunists, criminals, and savages to create the semblance of revolution.”

“First, we will take Eastern Europe. Next, the masses of Asia. Then we shall encircle the last bastion of capitalism, the United States of America. We will not have to attack, it will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

Vladimir Lenin