European Union Collective by Christopher Story

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Christopher Story was a great, well researched and educated man with excellent discernment. None of us have it all right. A lot of people leave out stuff because they are bias. In his book “The New Underworld Order”, Christopher manages to address a religion who turned on their own people in WW2 (if you know what I mean), but he does it in love. All of his books are worth reading.

“For the true meaning of ‘revolution,’ of course, is ‘going round and round and round in circles’ [page XIII].

No revolution ever achieves its objective: rather, it is its own objective. This consideration, in turn, illustrates the central truth that revolutions are inherently demonic. Even those who do not believe in God must concede that anyone who spends his or her life going round and round in circles winds up raving mad.”

‘The New Underworld Order’ by Christopher Story

Below are some quotes from his book called “The European Union Collective.” Now tell me if this is Ukraine et al. in 2022-2023.

“An analysis of Ukraine’s security strategy, based upon study of an article by the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs of the day, Anatoliy Zlenko, published in the January 1994 issue of ‘International Affairs’ 6 confirmed Ukraine’s function in pressing dialectically for comprehensive inclusion in West European security and political structures, in order ‘to provide reliable guarantees for Ukraine’s external security’—against an entirely fictional latent threat to Ukraine’s political and territorial integrity from Russia. At the same time, though, Zlenko confirmed that ‘we see our relations with Russia as a special partnership.’ Western analysts were intended not to notice the illogicality of Ukraine enjoying a ‘special partnership’ with Russia, if it was at one and the same time a latent threat to its existence.”

“That the Ukrainian Government works in precise continuing harmony with Russian strategy was further revealed by Anatoliy Zlenko in the following passages from his article in ‘International Affairs’: ‘Ukraine’s main foreign policy spheres [include] growing participation in European regional cooperation [since] practically all the new independent states expressed a desire to cooperate and eventually to join NATO and the Western European Union [WEU] in order to ensure their national security.’”

“No, that is not their real purpose in clamouring for entry into the European fortress—for ‘entry into the enemy’s camp’: their purpose is the furtherance under Moscow’s leadership and instructions, of the Soviet strategy of fostering the emergence of a ‘single political space from the Atlantic to Vladivostok’ buttressed by a Soviet-dominated system of collective security—which, manifestly, would be at the permanent mercy of (secret) Soviet military power. “

“Ukraine was motivated, Zlenko reiterated, to search ‘for ways of integrating into the world system, establish ties with European structures and joining them. We advocate comprehensive international systems of global and European security, seeing participation in such systems as a basic component of our national security. Ukrainian diplomacy concentrates on helping evolve and strengthen reliable international security mechanisms at bilateral, subregional, regional and global levels. Security for ourselves through security for all is a universal approach upheld by Ukrainian foreign policy.’”

“Upheld by it, but not scripted by it: the ‘hymn-sheet’ is drafted and printed by the strategists in Moscow, who are so convinced of the West’s ignorance of their Leninist dialectical routine that they have been happily encouraging a dual image, so far as Ukraine is concerned: (a) the image of the vulnerable, ‘fledgling’ ‘post’-Soviet Republic in need of Western material, financial, moral and security support, and (b) the parallel image of the faithful collaborator with Moscow in the furtherance of Leninist common security objectives:”

Christopher was also a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords!

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