Newspaper Exegesis and Prophecy Obsession


Sadly, ‘newspaper exegesis’ is one of the most popular hermeneutics of our day. People practice newspaper exegesis when they mistakenly take biblical prophecy as describing what is happening right now in the news. They read Scripture through the lens of the news. Suddenly the president is the anti-christ. Computer chips are the mark of the beast. Helicopters are locusts. Newspaper exegesis is nothing new. Ancient Hebrews failed to find Jesus in their prophets. First-century Jews thought their Messiah would end Roman rule. People were running around saying, “I am the Christ.”

The Teleology of Eschatology


  • The vaccine is the mark of the beast
  • The vaccine is a precursor to the mark
  • Obama is the antichrist
  • America is Babylon
  • Russia is Gog