E511 Ministries and his Abuse of the Body of Christ

I was checking out E511 Ministries on YouTube long before he became popular and was promoted by people like Mike from On Point Preparedness and JD Farag. I then saw he had created a new Facebook page and followed it. The first time I commented on one of his posts, some brothers and sisters in Christ were considering alternative Biblical perspectives to what he had posted. We weren’t saying anything definitive or accusing him of being incorrect; we were discussing the Bible as believers do.

iron sharpens iron

E511 Ministries became enraged after seeing our discussion. He informed me we could not teach on his page. All I have is a screenshot of the conversation I took before he blocked me and deleted the woman’s post.

When he yelled at me in the post, it broke my heart. When all I did was post about the Bible, I thought I had done something wrong. I thought maybe he misunderstood me and assumed I was angry. I told him it is upsetting we cannot discuss the Bible on his Facebook page. That is a significant control issue. Most of us have done research on churches that are in major error and act in this manner and cults.

E511 Conversation

When I posted about how hurt I was, a friend messaged me and told me E511 Ministries was gaslighting me. I thought little of it. Not long after, he was in an argument with a new Christian and insulted her. He then advised her friend to avoid YouTube if she is sensitive. Her friend was attempting to support her and was disappointed that he was behaving in this manner toward a new sister in Christ. She pointed out E511 Ministries was gaslighting her, which my friend had mentioned to me not long before.

Having an anger problem is one thing, but gaslighting and mind games is a different level of antichrist behavior. I don’t have a link to the entire conversation that occurred in this case because E511 deletes evidence. Some women took screenshots and shared them, as they were disturbed by what they had seen. The screenshots are shown below.

E511 Conversation


E511 Conversation

Above, you can see E511, once again, demanding an apology from someone who did nothing wrong.

E511 Conversation

Notice these women are being kind and reasoning with him. I don’t detect any ill intent in their hearts. I see the love and wonderful Bible verses.

Now we have an instance where it has been circulated that E511 Ministries tells a man he rambles like a fool.

E511 Conversation

After being insulted, Jonathon’s response was biblical and extremely friendly, as you can see.

Someone has mentioned they have recognized a pattern with him.


Here we have ANOTHER woman commenting (with 5 likes) discerning what is happening.

e511 7 1

Here we have a different case where a woman complains something is wrong. She even accuses E511 of creating a new profile to bully people. According to the comment made by this person (Jim James), she appears to be correct. Jim James (possibly E511) praises E511 for ignoring her. He tells her she has bad fruit, implying E511 has good fruit. I see mind games are going on here that are similar to E511’s mind games.

The post below can still be seen on Facebook (for now)


Here we have yet another situation with people talking about E511’s behavior. It just doesn’t end.



Above she points out her comments were deleted as well.


e511 11 1

Above these two women claim they were quoting scripture, and that seemed to be his problem. This is exactly what happened to me.



I am happy someone reached out to the new believer who was bullied by him.

Why is it biblical for me to point this out?:

I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators: Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world. But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person. 1 Corinthians 5:9-13

I can tell this has been an unfortunate experience for the women in the posts. The men seemed to move on, but this could be due to a woman’s emotions. I mentioned how sad I was at the start. I even shed a tear. God is amazing because He created women with deep emotions (deeper than men), which leads to incredible empathy for others and nurturing. I made this post because I see it caused many people pain.

I forgive him and pray he comes to know Jesus because the mind games indicate he does not know Jesus.

Here is a study on how to recognize true brothers and sisters in Christ.

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  1. I had a very similar experience with him. He was posting about how people need to just obey the government wear the mask it’s not a satanic ritual and the vaccine is not the mark of the beast. He calls himself a minister yet when someone was asking then what do I do ? Is the vax ok to take? He never answers and it’s left up to the rest of us to inform people how dangerous they are. Then his Facebook crowd were going on with him saying yes we need to obey Romans 13. I was like Jesus would not be wearing a mask or social distancing. He wrote some long stupid explanation on how he did obey and we should blah blah blah . I called him out said Jesus broke the laws and we obey God’s laws not satanic laws . Why would I follow a government full of fallen Angles? Guess he didn’t want to tackle that one. He’s pushing the vaccine hard. He’s nothing but a gatekeeper working for the other side.

    • Thanks for sharing, Liz. The crazy thing about his whole teaching is that he has a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories. Get it? His who thing is that conspiracy theories are a conspiracy. How confusing lol. I do think the powers that be insert “rabbit holes” for us to go down though. He even said the idea that 9/11 was an inside job is ridiculous!
      Vaccines are so very dangerous, I will keep spreading that too! God bless!

      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one seeing the deception in this highly promoted channel. If any y’all are on Facebook I’d like to invite to a group called Christians Exposing Deception. Something seemed off the way random people kept pointing towards the same channels OPP and E511 .. like it’s a paid promotion. I have several screenshots of comments. He blocked me because of them. They are very telling as to their agenda. . . which lies in steering believers into subservience of this socialist takeover. Willful compliance to the beast system that is rising ie masks vaccines etc. Can I add pictures on here??

        • Its not possible to add photos but you could upload them to a site like and link them. Its strange how only his conspiracy theories are correct but he hates conspiracy theories.

          • Exactly. That is the irony and contradiction that lies in e511 telling followers not to look into conspiracies (attempting to keep people in the dark). He points out the new age conspirators like Icke and Wilcock etc. and somehow concludes not looking into Any conspiracies. Yes there are many leading astray, but there are also many Christian based researchers who are pointing out the pervading evil as well – and the true nature of the nwo.

        • E511 is linked to CED. The admin of that site is friends with him, at least online, and supports his efforts. Using the search function in the CED group demonstrates that.

      • The incredibly deceptive part of his agenda is there is absolutely a false light that is behind the new world order. It is gnosticism. There is truth to what he is saying but there is subtle perversions. Mainly going to Romans 13 as some others here have said. Our “authorities” are wicked, and we shall not submit.
        Here is a perfect example of what he is leading followers to do … Here is one of the comments from his latest youtube upload…
        “I really needed to watch this . I’ve been angry and I’ve been wanting to fight back. Now I understand that I must sit quietly because this Earth belongs to Christ.”

        SUBSERVIENCE is their main goal.

          • I was in agreement with the theory about the “patriots” taking over and it being a deception, even though I didn’t trust E511. I then realized they are taking the obedience to a creepy level, and their whole theory about a fake NWO is not Biblical. The only evidence they have is a great deception which can be many things. It’s not good to insert things into God’s word that aren’t there.

    • These folks caught in this view form their whole eschatological lens though it and unfortunately it also distorts romans 13. They interpret romans 13 in light of the theory and not in light of the rest of the scripture. They are leading people to be totally obedient to the government and it’s a very dangerous path. They would have thought Sophie and Hans who lead a resistance against Hitler or Bonhoeffer were in the wrong. It’s very inverted thinking and not consistent with scripture or historical Christianity.

  2. I understand your frustration and hurt and think it is justified… however… I don’t fully agree that it is right to blast him back because he hurt you.

    I don’t believe this means he is not your brother in Christ.

    I believe it is a sin issue… which we all have. We are to respond in grace with our brothers and sisters as the Lord sanctifies them, and us. We are to be peacemakers. We only have control over ourselves and not others. He will answer to God for what he does with the audience God has given him and how he treats them. I am glad you say to pray for him… let us also pray for ourselves.

    In love-

    • Yes! This is my thought as well. None of us are perfect. I read/listen to multiple individuals and ministries. I pray for discernment, glean the good information and toss the bad.

      • My thoughts will always stick on what is Biblical.

        If we are laboring with the Holy Spirit, the fruit of our labor will bring good results (fruit), and not inconsistent or bad results. And although the good result of our Godly labor is not the “fruit of the Spirit” spoken of in Galatians 5, it can come as a result of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

        To put it simply, the fruit of the Holy Spirit comes as a result of His work, and when the Spirit of God works and expends His efforts in our lives — when He expands His influence in our hearts — there is always good results.

        When the Holy Spirit works inside of us, the effect or result (the fruit) is described in Galatians 5:22: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This fruit is a result of the work of the Holy Spirit and is evidence that He is working in our lives. If we follow after and walk in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit will produce His fruit in our lives, and we will reap eternal life; but if we follow after and walk in the flesh, we will produce unholy fruit, and we will reap destruction. (Romans 8:13-14; Galatians 6:8)

        Not to mention the verses about being a teacher.

  3. He is arrogant, prideful, rude, and disingenuous. He does not discuss any outside thought and attacks Christians. He also belittles persecuted believers.

  4. Yes E511 is an arrogant jerk. He is a self appointed end times guru who doesn’t base his findings off the sure word of prophecy

  5. After watching a handful of his videos I realized his very common phrases, “I think” and “I believe.” And if you look in the “about” section of his YouTube channel there is zero information. Some things he’s said have opened my eyes but I feel like he twists everything and could make anyone and everyone look bad. I question his motive.

    • I definitely question his motives. Let us not forget that even Satan despises himself as an angel of light. We are to test every spirit. My discernment tells me there’s something “off” about E511. I mean him no ill will in saying that. It just is what it is.

      • I definitely question his motives. Let us not forget that even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. We are to test every spirit. My discernment tells me there’s something “off” about E511. I mean him no ill will in saying that. It just is what it is.

  6. I watched his video about the day of pray in Sept 2020 while I agree with most of what he says I disagree with calling patriots and Trump Hitler. My mother grew up in Nazi Germany Hitler cake to power then right away clamp down on the ppl. The ppl hated him but were in the dark as to where the Jews were take. They were told they were deported. My great uncle died in a death camp for speaking out against Hitler in a pub. To say the patriots and Trump are like the Nazis is insulting to everyone who died under Hitler. What would he have the German people do if they were able to to do what they did was just sit back and take it because they were not armed or would he say that fighting them was against the Bible? .

  7. Can you comment in his video that likens Trump and patriots to Nazis? My mother grew up in Nazi Germany and trust me the month after Hitler came into office he canceled all their civil rights those crowds you see saying hail Hitler you have no choice you had to go to these events! I am sorry I do not see the spirit of occultism. Yes, we must make sure we put no one, no object anything before God to commit idolatry but being patriotic I’m I don’t see it am I wrong?

    • I am sorry to hear it was hurtful to you Flo. My friend’s mom (Yvonne from also grew up in Nazi Germany. I have learned a bit from the few stories her mom has told and Yvonne. I asked my friend Yvonne if Trump reminded her of Hitler once, and she didn’t think so. I don’t remember the exact reply she had for me. She also is not a Republican or Democrat (just trusts Jesus), so it isn’t like she was being bias. Maybe we all need some history lessons.

  8. I had a similar conversation with E511 miniseries. I was gaslit and blocked for asking him to share the gospel. I can email you the messages if you like.

  9. More and more I realize how unprofitable it is for me to spend time surfing Youtube videos. I am at the point where I feel it is far better for my own soul to spend time communing with God in the things I do know meet the guidelines of Phil. 4:6-8. Beholding the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. He IS to be worshipped, honored, adored. And yet I spend so much time trying to figure things out that may not be mine to understand. I have become jaded and weary. I know where to go, to WHOM I should turn, and find rest for my soul. For truly, His yoke is easy and HIS burden is light. My intellect has hindered my childlike faith’s development. While there is yet time, I’m casting off the works of darkness and putting on the garments of light. The simplicity that there is in Jesus … the Prince of Peace. How I long for peace in my own soul. I’m going to stop the churning, to Him returning.

  10. I became suspicious of E511 after watching several videos and realizing that it was like going through a New Age Primer 101. With very little to say about the gospel of the kingdom and our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I think it’s worse than a Ouija board and offers and invitation to all kinds of darkness into our minds. It had a negative effect on me, so I quit paying attention.
    God forbid that we should become experts in the occult (doctrines of demons) along the way of follow our Lord!!! We only need to know enough about them to avoid them or overcome them.
    That’s my view, anyway.
    Stay alert brothers and sisters. The enemy prowls like a lion but our Lord is coming soon to put things to right.

  11. Yes he banned me also just because I was discussing and did not agree with everything he said and then he banned me completely. I was never rude or disrespectful. I do feel that he is not a man of God because he is more concerned about the comments than he is about what he’s preaching. I have suspected all along that much of what he teaches is just his own opinion and Murch was not backed up by the Bible.

  12. I noticed that as well with him. I agree with his points on the Qanon stuff but reading his thoughts on the vaccine was kind of mind boggling to be honest. And the way he disregarded Probably Alexandria’s thoughts on the topics was odd. She basically tells almost word for word what he says. He is kind of like the closed-mindedness of the left and Qanon followers. I’m sorry he caused you trouble new and old believers in Christ, just know Christ is with all of you.

  13. I watched his videos for the first time today. As I was watching and hearing, I thought, this teaching is weird, so I went to his Facebook page to get more information. There I found so many videos that have strange messages, even giving hints that President Trump has a hidden agenda. He seems to be a “know it all.” There are many men and women of God that have given prophecies the Lord gave them, and they all seem to be on the same page; there are no contradictions when it comes to the overall message.

  14. I’d be interested to know what all of you have to say now. Clearly he brought light to the false prophets claiming that Trump would be president. As we know Biden is president.
    This whole page is nothing but butt hurt people trying to discredit the work of a Christian who has the right to use his Facebook page as he pleases. He’s not a prophet. He uses the bible and his studies into the new age to warn us. I think you all need to realize that having your feelings hurt doesn’t warrant putting someone on blast like this. This is not of God. I have seen nothing in your screenshots to prove he’s not of Christ.

    “I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.”

    If he has “judged” you because he felt you were causing division on his page, that is his right.

    “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”

    • A lot of false prophets have spread the gospel to now born again Christians. God will use this for his glory. He is still doing the same thing, which is causing harm to the body of Christ. If you don’t understand the name calling, insults, mind games, etc, I cannot help you. What is not of God is his abusive behavior. Have a good day.

  15. A monosyllabic “admin” blocked me on Mike/On Point Preparedness’s Fb page. I was having a brief edifying discussion about the topic of sin with another poster (in the comments section of one of his “Bible teaching” videos). I actually didn’t like Mike’s style (full of opinion and innumerable “I think”s – he had 5 mins plus of just his opinions) because Scripture explains Scripture (that is proper hermaeneutics) and NOT our carnal “reasoning”.
    But I hadn’t even commented on his video at that point!

    I was interrupted in my discussion with another person by someone who was stalking me (i.e searching for Fb pages she knew I followed to discredit me) who falsely accused me of teaching a certain doctrine and obviously contacted his “admin”.
    This “admin” lady refused to engage in the point I was making in my comment and used curt, abrasive, one-syllable words before blocking me. It was a rudeness and dismissiveness of a level I had never encountered in the lost world.

    Mike has only been “saved” 5 years or so but teaches the Bible on his YouTube with an attitude that sounds like he thinks his teaching is indispensable. But I find it very, very off. He needs to study more. He is running before he can walk. He mispronounces basic Biblical names (a SURE sign someone us at a LEARNING stage) and misuses basic English vocabulary.
    But I never got to tell him that. I had been recommended his end times vids by a friend but this “cancelling” of me with no dialogue or reasonableness made me realize that God is maybe giving some of these men up to their pride. What could be more prideful than only accepting compliments, praise and “fawning” comments but no challenges, questions or discussion? I obviously have not been the only one to be blocked.

    Behind false pride is FEAR: fear of being challenged when your views and beliefs are shaky.

    When our beliefs and doctrines are sure, we WELCOME dialogue. Basic courtesy for a Christian is a given, even when faced with rude opposition (and I WASN’T rude but how do they get on when sharing the Gospel with hostile atheists? Maybe they don’t!) And the LAST thing genuine believers do is cancel (“block”) people, especially those who are polite and trying to edify. I can’t think of behavior that is more unChrist-like.

    This episode and the harshness, the “ghosting” of it, has put me off following anyone. I only followed two or three anyway and Servus Christi has been blocking and deleting comments on his Fb page (and probably YouTube too) from anyone (even followers and defenders for years) who even meekly asks about the charges (that are apparently supported by documentary proof, and she is a real person cos she’s a Fb friend of a friend) that JD Hall made about his treatment of a woman he “married” last year. Of course, as someone noted here, almost every person who asked him about it was a woman because we obviously empathize more deeply with the other woman.

    Many people don’t think he should continue his ministry of judging others until he has settled this issue.
    It would be simple to deny it if it were false. He hasn’t done so.

    There are a lot of controlling YouTube “ministers” (some of whom make money and even flog “merch. Smh) They ought to reflect that the meaning of minister is “SERVANT”.

    “…even as the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve” (Matthew 20:28).

    PS to the lady in the comment above who said this is about “revenge”. Nope, it’s about warning others. Jesus warned us about “wolves”. Devouring people with no questions asked is what wolves do.

    • Thank you so much for sharing. I did some research on Jacob Prash a few times and him claiming Jesus is Metatron. I came across the info on Servus Christi. It is pretty shocking and horrific!

      I have been so sad about people blocking others, and the ones who do it a lot are in a teaching position. It happens so suddenly and it happens when you aren’t even being rude.

      My friend Yvonne just wrote an article about some things Mike has said that are alarming. Some people are noticing the pride and unwillingness to just hear someone out. He keeps saying he has a discernment ministry, and I am wondering if that has something to do with pride.

      You will really love this article Yvonne did. We both faced being “canceled” by people who said they were our friends and Christian. We talked about it and she wrote this article. The words in here are just so awesome because she is using scripture.

  16. He also preys on married women – there are numerous accounts. He is not above reproach- he is absolutely disqualified from so called “ministry”. I pray he repents and comes to a true saving faith in our Lord Jesus.

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