Bible Resources for the Tech Savvy

If you are into tech like I am, I have found a few cool Bible resources over the years.


Beautiful PDF Bible for tablet and computer note-taking.

Some applications you can use are Obsidian, MarginNote (Mac/iOS only), LiquidText, Microsoft OneNote, NoteLedge, Apple Notes (Mac/iOS only), GoodNotes (Mac/iOS only). Etc.
You can also read in your favorite PDF reader.

PDF Bible

KJV Markdown Bible
I am using Ulysses. Obsidian and Joplin and many others are free and can be used on Mac and Windows.
MD Bible


Bible book snippets for Alfred (Alfred – macOS)
Bible book snippets for aText (aText – Windows and macOS)
Alfred Bible

Alfred Workflows (macOS only)

Both of these next two (Alfred and Raycast) are amazing but only work with Mac sadly.

Download Alfred here. This requires a purchase, but the alternative below works just as well (if not better), and it is free.

YouVersion Suggest

This is my favorite one. You can choose the version, copy, search and other options. This is the only one that is currently being updated.


ESV Bible


Search Bible Gateway

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Raycast (macOS – Free)

Download Raycast Here
Download the Bible Workflow Here

raycast bible

Obsidian Notes (Windows and macOS – Free) (also here)